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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is AATC Online?

AATC online is a website with all the latest Tai Chi & Qigong exercise videos from the Australian Academy of Tai Chi. The website itself also contains all DVDs made by the academy which are available for learning through a monthly or quarterly subscription fee which then allows you to watch the videos on your mobile phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, computer and TV at anyplace, anywhere and at any time. All the videos are instructional with voice overs from the Grandmaster and Masters who produced the video.

Why Tai Chi?

Our modern living conditions and city-based lives, subject the body to immense stress and tension, with the hectic pace of modern living and lack of true exercise from the use of electronics especially mobile phones. This leaves one tired and drained at day’s end. Tai Chi’s flowing movements and “energy meditation”, have the therapeutic effect of slowing down the pace and refreshing your body
with peace, relaxation and renewed energy. It relaxes the body, calms the nervous system, benefits the heart and blood circulation, cures indigestion, loosens stiff joints, tones up muscles and refreshes the skin. It also increases your sensitivity and awareness, stimulates and increases your energy, brings out greater self-confidence and develops harmony between body and mind.

Is Tai Chi suitable for everyone?

Yes, Tai Chi is suitable for everyone. Tai Chi is a recreational fitness system of flowing movements designed to exercise and develop the mind and the body in unison. Movements are performed at a slow pace with deep concentration and diaphragmatic breathing to bring about a state of tranquil relaxation. Tai Chi has been practiced and refined by the Chinese for more than 700 years. It is regarded as the physiological and physiotherapeutically part of Chinese medicine. Chinese Doctors are frequently Tai Chi practitioners themselves and often prescribe the exercise as part of the treatment for ailing, aging and convalescing patients. It teaches the philosophy of self-improvements vs external competition and internal harmony vs external striving. It teaches the art of gentle relaxing exercises and controlled body-flow movements, which gradually develop and strengthen the whole body evenly, increasing the body’s tolerance against diseases and illness, maintaining or regaining flexibility and helping to rejuvenate the whole person – body and mind. It is designed to provide general physical fitness while maintaining the body’s sensitivity and fluidity.

How should I practice by myself at home?

At home you should practice by first following the video to get a feel and then repeat the movements a couple of times specifically listening to the instructions. As Tai Chi utilises the principles of non-physical exertion and internal organic exercises by way of corrective breathing, controlled stretching and gentle artistic movements. You should be aware of your own limitations meaning if there is pain you should stop and readjust yourself to a position where it does not hurt. Do not over exert pressure on your body, do each movement slowly and focus on using the feet and legs to help move the body rather than focusing on the arm movement. If you can attend a nearby class, it is recommended that you attend the class to further your learning in benefiting yourself and your body.

Technical Issues

How will I be billed for AATC Online?

One billing cycle (one month or three months) will be charged to your credit card immediately upon sign up. This will give you instant access to the videos available under your subscription package for the duration of that billing cycle. The subscription will then be automatically renewed for each billing cycle. You may cancel your subscription at any time under your ‘My Account’ settings.

I've forgotten my username or password.
If you’ve forgotten your username or password, simply click ‘Forgot your password?’ at the log in screen. Enter your email and follow the next steps to recover your account details.
I would like to change my subscription package.

If you would like to change your subscription package you may do so by going into your account panel (click ‘My Account’). Your old subscription package will be cancelled and you will be billed for the new package immediately.

Note that this will reset your membership. If you still have remaining time on your current membership, we suggest you wait until the end of your billing period to change as you will not be refunded for any remaining time on your current membership package.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you would like to cancel your subscription package you may do so by going into your account panel (click ‘My Account’). From there simply click ‘cancel’ under your package information in the ‘My Memberships’ section. Please note that your subscription cancellation will be effective immediately. If you would like to use up the rest of your current subscription period, we suggest you cancel at the end of your billing cycle.

If you would like to reactivate your membership after cancellation, you may do so by signing into your account and clicking ‘My Account’. You will be prompted for your desired subscription package. Note: this will commence a new billing cycle.

I've run into an unexpected problem.
You can send us an email at